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We’re One of the Trusted Residential Moving Companies

Moving can be quite a hassle, especially if you do it yourself. Whether it’s moving your belongings to a new place or a self-storage facility, it’s best to hire one of the certified residential moving companies in Odessa, TX. You have different factors to consider, including how you’ll move, where to pack and store your items, how to pack, and more. On top of the packing and moving process, there will always be other factors to consider. Your new home must also be inspected, and papers must be signed. Overall, the moving process can be overwhelming. Below are 3 of the reasons for hiring IYM LLC for the move.


We know your time is valuable. Moving and organizing your belongings can consume your time during the entire process, and we know there are other factors to be done. If you hire our movers in Odessa, TX to do the physical labor, you can use your time on other more important aspects of your relocation such as preparing your new home, setting up your utilities, and having your mail service switched.


Frustrations and stress are two of the biggest problems people have with moving. It can be time-consuming, and then you have to think about the phase of your life that you are in when your relocation is happening. Most relocations take place due to death, divorce, and other major life events. Hiring one of the trusted residential moving companies in your area will allow you to focus on the events and people surrounding your relocation – freeing you from the worries about the tiny details of the relocation itself.


Undoubtedly, one of the most hated aspects of moving is the tedious work of packing your belongings. Moving companies that offer packing service will send a team to your home that can efficiently and safely pack every item for you, while you can sit and focus on the other important aspects of your relocation. However, not all moving companies offer a packing service, so make sure to ask! We offer unpacking and packing services as well as loading and unloading services. We can prepare your new home for you!

IYM LLC is one of your trusted residential moving companies. If you need our assistance, you can call us at (432) 210-3138 for more information on our products and services.